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Get to know Sabina Bhasin, Content Manager

  • 2 March 2021
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Hi C2C Community!

So nice to see you here! We've worked for months to get to this point and it’s really exciting to see you on this side. As the content manager, meaning I host Navgiators, create videos, write articles and content for the community and manage a team to support these efforts, I thought I’d make a quick video to welcome you to the community and share more about myself. 

Take a look and be sure to connect with me on Twitter, @ContentSabina, email, or right here on the platform. 


6 replies

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Of course our Content Manager is the one to bring the creative spin on the introductory content! 

From a C2C “Product” side, I’m very proud of and excited about the hybrid media approach Sabina and team are taking with our content. You can see this in the way we share the highlights and takeaways from our Talks, Deep Dives, and Navigator sessions: you get video clips of the key insights and the things that are best said through the speakers’ words, as well as summarized insights so you don’t have to rewatch the full session if you don’t have the time. 

Here are a couple of great examples: 

Do you love this format as well? Have any suggestions?  Let us know what you think! 

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Haha of course I did. Thanks so much, Danny! 

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Love the video! Anyone who’s worked with you would agree, C2C content is so good because of @sabina.bhasin and her amazing team. If you have something to share, go find her and tell her your story.

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So kind, Marcy! Thank you so much! None of it would be possible without all the support, we are really lucky to have such a great team!

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Great stuff @sabina and love your perspective on focusing on what is valuable, necessary, educational, resource-rich, and tied to what community members want to connect, learn, and share together about.  

Keep up the great content and thanks for sharing your story!


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Thanks so much, Jeff!