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Hello- Great to be here.

  • 24 November 2021
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My name is Julie Simpson, and I am the founder of Genesis Coaching Group- we provide programs to guide humans to gain more clarity, be more productive, achieve daily peace and happiness, and always live in conscious creation.  Our coaching programs provide in-depth education and accountability to allow people to flow to their desired reality- always in the shortest time possible.

I have just joined this community on November 23rd, 2021, and am looking forward to connecting with its’ members.

I am a fitness, nutrition, productivity, mindset, addiction, stress management, goal setting, and manifestation coach, specializing in the Magnetic Mind method of conscious creation.

I have joined this community to connect with people, learn, and grow. People are ALL IT IS ABOUT for me, both personally and professionally, so very interested in connecting with people in all walks of this human journey.

I would love to learn from others, ( learning is growth, and I just love to be a sponge and take it all in), and connect with people I might be able to help by shifting their mindset and develop a clear and actionable plan to quickly begin creating a “LIFE THEY LOVE” 


        Please connect with me here on my profile- I WOULD LOVE TO CHAT. 

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Welcome @Gaia!

Can you tell us more about the Google Cloud technologies you use? How have they helped you? Problems you found and how do you overcome them?

I want to know more how you use Google Cloud for the fitness and nutrion part.