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Hello World!

  • 11 October 2021
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Hi Everyone,

New to the C2C community. I am a Cloud Architect at Cloudbakers/Qwinix. While I’m a relative novice at GCP, I do come from 3 years of AWS and Azure. As of now I’m just a generalist. I’m happy to contribute where I can, but I’m very much a lurker (for now) and learner. 

Personally, I’m a gamer (Wild Hunt, Bioware, and Quantic Dream), old school hip hop dancer, and skydiver, and I’m happy to nerd out with just about anyone on anything I mentioned, and looking forward to connecting with likeminded people!

1 reply

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Welcome @SkyHai! What an eclectic background you have! Sounds like you and @urbanenomad would have a lot in common with your varied cloud experiences. Have you joined the Infrastructure group yet?