Hi there...ImAugusto Ferrari from Argentina - Startup MiGanado.com.ar a cool LiveStock APP | C2C Community

Hi there...ImAugusto Ferrari from Argentina - Startup MiGanado.com.ar a cool LiveStock APP

  • 6 October 2021
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Hello everybody! Here a brief intro of myself:

  1. What role do you serve in your current organization?
  2. What's your experience with Google Cloud? 
    • MiGanado.com.ar is on GCP :cow:
  3. What are you “famous” for? 
    • Professionally: Research and Develop new products:calling:
    • Personally: Master Chef :wine_glass: .
  4. What is the #1 result you'd like to get out of this community? 
    • Im looking for advice, resources and knowledge regarding Machine Learning and Deep Learning Image clasification.
  5. What are you working on right now that we can collectively help with?
  6. How can other C2C members best connect with you? 



MiGanado Livestock App



- Have the entire profile of an animal online just by taking a photo of it.
- Know the entire life cycle and tracking of the events that have occurred.
- Manage your work team and know the daily task plan.


Key Business Indicators

- Check business indicators from your cell phone.
- Report of Existence of Animals.
- Reproductive Efficiency Reports.
- Physical Efficiency Report.


- Management of all the activities of an establishment from the web / mobile application.
- Registration of the animal: Loading the animal through OCR or RFID of the Caravan, detection and Identification through the cell phone camera without the need to enter the ID of the caravan.
- Complete life cycle of the animal.
- Loading of events associated with them
- Business Indicators Dashboard: Indicators Dashboard
- Includes Reproductive Efficiency Reports, Stocks, Formulas
- Tasks and Events alarms warning due dates
- Work team load according to role and permisions


3 replies

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Welcome to the community Augusto!

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Welcome @Ferrari1970! I cannot believe how futuristic your company is! So cool! You and @Iota may have a bit in common, as you are both collecting data to make crucial decisions. 


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Hi Marissa, you were absolutely right about @Iota . Thanks

Augusto Ferrari