Improve the event registration processes.

  • 11 June 2021
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@danny.pancratz @alex.maksymec @steve-c2c @ilias  I was really looking forward to the event :-


but I missed it as it wasn’t in my calendar, so I’m catching up via the recording.


The problem is the poor level of calendar integration. Unfortunately after registering via my phone the “Add to Calendar” option would only add an empty appointment to your diary, and for the current time and date, not the time of the event. :triumph: 


I know that on a desktop the experience is “slightly” better, but it’s still not great. Having to

Edit RSVP -> check Not Attending -> click Update -> Sign up again etc

These are the 4 steps if you forget to add it on the calendar :sleeping:


Feels that there should be better integration especially as we’re

a) a Google Cloud community, and
b) hosting events.

I know this has been flagged with but surely this is a basic requirement for such a tool, and I know it’s not a cheap platform.

Are others having the same issues?

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Thanks for sharing these details with us Paul! We will be sure to discuss this with Insided and get back to you.