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Intro welcome

  • 25 November 2021
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Hi folks

Fernando Outa, I’m Sr Product owner @bettrads

Novice in GCP my team are building a dataware house on GCP

I am a data-driven CMO, passionate about my work, strategic and visionary. I am able to deliver on the brand vision and enhance the customer experience. Target new markets, introduce new products and scale marketing initiatives to support exponential sales & revenue growth. (i.e., What's your topic of expertise that the community can ask you about?):

  • Love soccer, enjoy food, addicted to photography

I’d love to exchange resources and we need some advice on google ads api 

  1. We current developing a new saas platform: Marketing Data warehouse hub that automates and gets better performance with AI and NLP.
  2. Please connect me on linkedin or direct message to 

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Welcome @feouta!

It’s nice to have you here! I’ve seen that you have already joined the Data &Analytics, AI &ML, and the Cloud Infrastructure groups. That’s great!

Have you checked our upcoming events

Can you tell us more about the Data Warehouse you are building? Are you using BigQuery or something else? And for the AI and NLP are you using Vertex AI, Natural Language AI…?