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  • 12 October 2021
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Hi, I am Engr Irtaza Ali

What role do you serve in your current organization?

I am a Researcher, cybersecurity advisor

What's your experience with Google Cloud? 

Hanging somewhere in between 

What are you “famous” for?

  • Professionally : known as data lover, IIOT, Cybersecurity, Electronics and solution oriented
  • Personally : car racing, cooking

    What is the #1 result you'd like to get out of this community? 

  • Connect-Collaborate-Grow together as a community

    What are you working on right now that we can collectively help with?

  • Models which will make reliability tests for solar modules obsolete. These tests are time consuming and costly.
  • Monitoring and forecasting of energy yield
  • Convincing teams to take advantage of cloud rather scaling infrastructure vertically or horizontally.

    How can other C2C members best connect with you? 

  • DM via my C2C profile 

  • FB

  • Hangouts

  • Gmail


2 replies

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Hi @Irtaza Ali welcome to the community

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Welcome @Irtaza Ali! What has been one of your favorite research projects so far?