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Hi everyone, 

Today, I attended 1st session of C2C Connect: Cloud Infrastructure today and the session was very interactive, discussion-based and overall it was a good experience and I really enjoyed a lot.

I would like to share bit about my self that I have been in the industry for last 13 years and my specialization is Software Engineering including Requirement Gathering, Software Development, Testing, Implementation and Support and Have worked on domain like Cards & Payment Processing system, Business Process Management & Content Management, Health Care Systems and Inventory Management systems,


Best regards,

Aftab Hafeez

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Thanks for the introduction, Aftab! Shout out to anyone else who currently lives in the UAE! Aftab, you mentioned security being a major concern for your company. You may want to check out this Cloud Security best practices post for starters.

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HI @aftabhafeez!

Thank you for participating. It's great to have you here.

I am sure that your 13 years of experience will be of great benefit to our community.

As @marissa.piazza already mentioned, you could check out the Cloud Security best practices post.

Have you joined in any of our dedicated groups? Tell us which one!