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Pride, Pronouns, and Progress in 2021

  • 4 June 2021
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   “Hi. My name is Dominik, and my pronouns are they and them.”


Me and my pride weekend activity. 

That’s how I have been starting most of my meetings in the past year. About a year and a half ago, I started using they and them as my new primary pronouns.  And in the first couple of months, I got slightly annoyed or confused whenever my conversational partner did not use the proper pronouns to refer to me. Until someone in my team started pointing the issue out for me (to our casual partners and myself as well):

No one knew it!   🤦🤦🤦 

And how would they? It is not written on my face; many people had yet to receive an email from me with my pronouns in my signature; I didn’t tell them.  Over time I added my pronouns in more and more places like Gmail Sender Name, Email Signature, Google Nickname (FYI: gotta use a backslash!), LinkedIn name, and many of my Slack communities custom pronoun fields.  

With Pride Month 2021 just starting, many software companies display someone’s preferred pronouns more publicly to increase visibility.  

Slack has introduced their official preferred pronouns field that shows them in many places.  Even on the mini-profile.  So, if you put your pronouns in your Slack profile in the past,  you can now migrate them from the organization’s custom field into the new official one to increase their visibility.  

Lyft also added a pronouns field to allow you to share your pronouns with your driver.  

And finally, in the place where most of my new contacts seek information about me, LinkedIn, you can now display your pronouns natively too.  You can now show your pronouns next to your name on your profile and your posts and comments.  However, it’s still missing on the mini-profile (overflow menu). 

Now we only need Google to catch up, so Google Meet, Chat, and other places I connect with (new) people can display my pronouns natively.  Without weird workarounds such as custom fields, I used the nickname field or renamed users’ last names to indicate their chosen pronouns. So let’s use this community to get the correct people at Google to notice (you still have a few weeks  until  Pride Month ends!). 

You can do it! 

P.S. until then,  you can use the Google Workspace management tool Patronum to create a custom attribute and put your peoples pronouns in their email signature.  

6 replies

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Bravo! It takes someone being vulnerable, open and honest to affect change, thank you for leading the charge for C2C!  Happy Pride Month, C2C!

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@dominikkugelmann Thanks for sharing and for all the great pointers where we can add pronouns!

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Thanks for sharing this, Dominik. 

Inspired by your post, I’ve made a small addition to our C2C member profiles: you can now add your preferred pronouns when you edit your C2C profile. I’ve added mine and invite everyone else to as well. 

While our platform doesn’t allow us to put it behind your user name, we also have the signature field to have it at the end of each post. (Edit that via your profile as well)

Happy Pride! 

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@danny.pancratz  @dominikkugelmann Nice to see an introduction and conversation have such positive impact on the community so quickly! Thank you both.


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Thanks for sharing @dominikkugelmann 

The organization I work for has mentioned this to both Google and Microsoft on getting pronouns added to both Google Cloud Identity/Workspace (which would then fall over to I hope) and Microsoft Azure AD (for companies who use Microsoft 365, like ours )

Though the conversations have been good, progress is really slow.

Thanks again!


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@dominikkugelmann, they have charisma! I'm happy to know them via c2c thanks to @danny.pancratz  and I have respect about their honest, straignforward opinions on diversity and on essential cloud solutions. Looking forward their initiatives with c2c! Thank you both for taking action and making a better c2c for me and for all!