Thanks for letting me join this community, hello to all! | C2C Community

Thanks for letting me join this community, hello to all!

  • 10 October 2021
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  1. What role do you serve in your current organization? I am the founder of the an E-Learning company with courses in German
  2. What's your experience with Google Cloud? I use Google Workplace and started to learn Kubernetes. To save some money, I want to host my academy based on Moodle in my on prem environment to have full control over it. But I want to learn all about Multi-cloud environments and Open source software.
  3. What are you “famous” for? I am autodidact and learn every day, even in my age of 61. I like to teach IT and give all my learned experience about computing further to the next generation. I started to translate Scratch courses into German and also the Harvard Course CS50. I want to motivate girls to build a career in IT, as I did in a time, when girls in Germany were not considered learning “men`s jobs”. (1979-1982 I learned Electronics)
  4. What is the #1 result you'd like to get out of this community? Connect, learn, celebrate positive results.
  5. What are you working on right now that we can collectively help with? Build a reliable stable and scalable Kubernetes Cluster with an installation of Moodle and BigBlueButton, that is easily upgraded, as soon, as new version arrive.
  6. How can other C2C members best connect with you? Here and on LinkedIn.

3 replies

Awesome! Thanks for joining us its a great community with a lot of great people to learn and connect with. What kind of courses does your platform plan to offer? Be sure to take advantage of the $300 free trial credits for cloud. 

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Hi @UteHlasek,

Welcome to the community!.

Moodle is a great tool as an e-learning platform, in fact my first high availability project as a computer engineer was the design and installation of a high availability cluster for a university in Spain with +5,000 students back in the days when no cloud was available, the project took more than a year to become a reality!

What option did you choose as your database for Moodle?, did you install and manage a database by yourself or did you try a managed service like Google CloudSQL?

I hope to see your progress with the Moodle project here in the community!


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Welcome @UteHlasek!