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The Private Cloud is Dead (for SAP that is), What are your thoughts?

  • 24 August 2021
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Does your company feel the same way regarding Public Cloud solutions? What trends are you seeing when it comes to hosting critical enterprise applications? Have you made the move to the Public Cloud?

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of news articles from the leading Cloud and Infrastructure publications noting that the traditional datacenter or private cloud approach to hosting SAP systems is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Which comes at no surprise to me, in 2019 I wrote a blog post For SAP Workloads, The Private Cloud is Dead! …. well, maybe not completely DEAD, but certainly not the mainstay that it was once perceived to be. Why? Because the Public Clouds have evolved to the point they are simply a better solution. Public Cloud vendors (such as Google Cloud) are pouring billions into their datacenters which is a scale that no private cloud vendor can match. This provides customers with several key benefits, specifically for SAP workloads that should not be overlooked, such as - unlimited scalability, global datacenters, constant innovation at lightning pace, massive network bandwidth, and no process management constraints.

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