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What would you like to see on C2C Member Profiles? Help shape our community!

  • 12 March 2021
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As we continue to build out our C2C community platform, we’re always open to your feedback and ideas

One specific area I’d like to prioritize for near-term development is expanding our member profiles with relevant information that helps foster connections and conversations. 

What profile fields would you like to see added? 

What context about another member’s background and experience would be most helpful as you connect and share in our community? 

A few ideas I’m considering adding soon: 

  • Short summary of introduction
  • Google Cloud Certifications (these options from Google, as well as a field for other certificates and certifications)
  • A public version of your company (or the ability to anonymize a bit with “Retailer” if needed)
  • Linkedin link
  • Twitter link
  • YouTube channel link
  • C2C introduction post link (have you introduced yourself yet?)
  • Personal or company website link
  • Experience with Google Cloud (likely a few levels)
  • Google Cloud products used  (although this would be a long list with so many solutions)

Tell us what you think! Which of this list are most important to you? What other ideas do you have? 

3 replies

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All listed @danny.pancratz  plus a Google Workspace launched either work in progress. 

I'm sure that projects powered by Google Workplace will be provoking most engagement from the Community for the innovative solutions implemented. 

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The ability to put a link in my signature. Backlinks  is an incentive to visit and post more often.

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@ChristianNewman, 100% agreed. That’s something we’re pushing hard for with our community platform vendor, Insided.