Is there any analogs of Dapr?

Hi everyone!

I’m surfing the internet to find some analogs for Dapr and didn’t find any other implementation of this approach.

“Dapr” abbreviation stands for “Distributed Application Runtime” and provides an abstraction layer for application development.

Are there some analogs of it? Just want to find different implementations of it.


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Great question, @ashchuk. To help get it more visibility, I’ve moved it from our Support and Feedback forum into our Cloud Infrastructure group. (If you didn’t see that option when creating the topic, it’s because you need to first join groups before they appear as locations for you to post in.)

I’m hoping you can get some good feedback from others in the community. 

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@ashchuk I haven’t come across something similar to Dapr. With Cloud Run gaining traction I think now there is a chance to developing something that mirrors Dapr on the Cloud Run in combination with other GCP components like Pub/Sub, Cloud Tasks etc. I am waiting to see what possibilities Cloud Run will bring in the future for the developers. I will keep looking for alternatives to Dapr and post it when I find it.