Southwire's migration to host SAP on Google Cloud

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Sharing some cool new resources from Google Cloud on Southwire’s migration to host SAP on Google Cloud. Read the full blog post and case study from Google Cloud.

Southwire began preparing for their transformation in spring of 2020 with three major goals in mind:

  • Upgrade their SAP ECC environment
  • Deploy SAP Business Warehouse on SAP HANA
  • Upgrade to the latest version of SAP Process Orchestration

This short video was also released and features Dan Stuart, SVP, Information Technology Services, and Joe Schleupner, Senior Director, ITS Planning and Integration (PMO), at Southwire Company, Inc.

From the blog post:

After looking at several options, Southwire decided to migrate to Google Cloud. “We wanted to be on a platform for SAP that was flexible, scalable, and secure; that we could count on to get up and running quickly,” says Stuart. “We chose Google Cloud not only for those reasons, but also because we recognize that Google has other assets that we may be able to take advantage of down the line, such as technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).” 


You can find Dan and Joe speaking on different C2C events this monthsign up below and add any questions you have for the speakers to this thread!


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