UPC Polska: Transforming services and app development through hybrid IT

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UPC Polska, the Polish telecommunications arm of Liberty Global Europe, offers cable television, broadband internet, and other services to roughly 1.5 million customers in Poland.

To achieve agility and gain a competitive edge, UPC Polska adopted a hybrid approach to IT with the help of Anthos.

Google Cloud results:

  • Enables content personalization delivery for 1.5 million customers

  • Improves scalability and resilience through containerized GKE clusters on Anthos

  • Accelerates CI/CD pipeline by 2–3x for developers working in an agile hybrid environment

  • Opens door to further IT overhauls using hybrid computing models

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From GKE - GKE Autopilot to Anthos. Or from Containers to Hybrid solutions? Few days ago our French Community hosted an event with Kelsey Hightower talking about GKE Autopilot.

I believe we must have an event for Anthos this time. What do you think?

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