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C2C Connect Live: Munich

C2C Connect Live: Munich
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On May 18, C2C hosted its second EMEA event at Google’s Munich office. We believe in-person connections are invaluable to everyone in our community, especially when our members are able to immediately converse with amazing speakers who are sharing their journeys and business outcomes.


The happy faces at our C2C Connect Live event in Munich


Another AMAZING event came to an end! Munich, we already miss you!

It was Wednesday the 18th of May where we all met at the Google Offices in Munich for our 2nd C2C in-person event this year!



A Warm Welcome from C2C and Google Cloud 


Michelle Gurney (@michellegurney), Google Programme Manager, Global Customer Community, GTM Strategy & Ops at Google kicked it off along with Dimitris Petrakis (@Dimitris Petrakis), EMEA Community Manager (focused on DACH region) at C2C and did the introduction and presented the agenda and the speakers.

Michelle Gurney doing all the introductions


Michael Kollig, (@Michael Kollig) Director of Google Cloud Customer Engineering Europe North did a great introductory keynote and welcomed the guests to our event.

Michael Kollig giving a warm welcome from Google Cloud



Data Mesh at MediaMarktSaturn



Fabian Seitz ( @yesfabime), Sr. Group Product Manager - Webshop Analytics, MediaMarktSaturn
rocked on stage with his "Data mesh @ MMS" presentation. Fabian started talking about who they are, what challenges they met, where they started and talked about "The Data Mesh - not only a technical implementation", what defines a data mesh, identified its core pillars.

Fabian Seitz talking about the Data Mesh


Fabian then talked about business driven data architecture and talked about the business object, comparing it then vs a data object. He gave examples on how the data architecture is reflected in an organization form, how they organized their GCP folder structure, offered a technical overview of how teams are providing data to the Mesh, as well as an architecture overview of how components are connected. Fabian also offered an example event driven flow of order updates and showed everyone a standardized format that they have for the data exchange on the mesh, before offering us some stats of their Mesh.

Fabian then talked about Lighthouse Use-Cases, Key Learnings and ended his talk with a Q&A session. 

Great talk, quite technical, went into a lot of details and the audience loved it!




Getting to know AMD and their EPYC™️ Processors


Pawel Walczysko talking about AMD and Google Cloud

Pawel Walczysko (@Fighteros), Cloud Sales Manager - DACH, AMD talked about optimizing the cloud with AMD and Google Cloud. Pawel offered us a great presentation about Google Cloud Virtual Machines that are powered by AMD EPYC™️ Processors. He analyzed the various Google Cloud instances powered by AMD EPYC™️ Processors and compared them, and finally offered some testimonials from 3rd Gen EPYC™️ customers

Pawel Walczysko talking about the AMD EPYC™️ Leadership Architecture



The UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform


Wolfgang Gentzsch talking about the UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform


Wolfgang Gentzsch (@Wolfgang Gentzsch), President, UberCloud talked about the UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform. He explained what is UberCloud and did a customer presentation with testimonials from:

- Rimac Automobili / Bugatti using the UberCloud platform and powering their engineering simulations with faster AMD Chips, running on latest HPC cloud infrastructure

- FLSMidth moving data fast and having the network availability they need to support their work

- Buro Happold running simulations in hours that used to take days, when creating sustainable environments

- Freudenberg Group driving mobility with UberCloud while moving its engineering simulation workflows from on-prem HPC to Cloud

- 3DT Holdings preparing to revolutionize heart-valve surgery working with UberCloud and GCP

- Unilever building robust big data models to unlock consumers behavior patterns


Wolfgang showing a screenshot of the Engineering Desktop inside the Container


Wolfgang then talked about CAE Software Container for any Cloud, analyzed the benefits of UberCloud Container Service for Customers, the Benefits of Corporate IT and 6 steps to a successful Proof of Concept.


Daniel Gruber (@DanielGruber), Director of Architecture, UberCloud took over and talked a bit more about UberCloud's Next Generation HPC Engineering Platform. He showed a typical HPC engineer workflow and then talked about batch setup, running 3000 simulations in 3000 GKE Clusters. Daniel talked about HPC Engineering Simulations on GCP, analyzing customer and simulation requirements. Further on, Daniel talked about Engineering Simulation with LS-Dyna on C2D, a general multi-purpose multiphysics simulation software, its use cases and more, before closing this presentation.


Daniel Gruber talking about UberCloud’s Next Generation HPC Engineering Platform


 Then Michelle Gurney (@michellegurney) and Dimitris Petrakis (@Dimitris Petrakis) took over again to do a small outro

Dimitris Petrakis talking about C2C and our future events


After Daniel's great presentation, the networking session followed with our guests enjoying great food and drinks, discussing with each other, creating connections. A lovely atmosphere with a lot of smiles!


Some networking
Food was great!
Some more networking!



A huge thanks goes to Michelle Gurney (@michellegurney) who did a fantastic job presenting our speakers and talking about C2C, and of course Ilias Papachristos (@ilias), EMEA Community Manager at C2C  who was responsible for registrations downstairs, doing a great job in doing jokes, making people smile and keeping the spirits up!


Here are a few extra photos from the event:

Ilias and Michelle testing if everything works right



Fabian receiving his C2C gift


Wolfgang Walczysko receiving his C2C present


Ilias sorting out all the cool swag from C2C, AMD and Google Cloud


Burgers come in all colours and flavours… Ilias was getting excited!


With Achim Ramesohl, Partner (GSI) Management Google Cloud Platform at Google (left) and Michael Kollig, Director Customer Engineering Europe North at Google Cloud (right)



Finally, the event in Munich was a great success, thanks to all speakers and guests who attended! Great vibes! The C2C EMEA team here (@ilias@michellegurney and @Dimitris Petrakis) with big smiles in our faces, all looking forward to the next time we will visit Munich again!



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That’s a great takeaway post! 👏

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That’s a great takeaway post! 👏


Vielen Dank! 😁

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Update - Slides from the presentations of AMD and UberCloud have been attached to the first post!

A big thank you to:

  • Kate Bancroft (@Kate_AMD) and Pawel Walczysco (@Fighteros)
  • Wolfgang Gentzsch (@Wolfgang Gentzsch) and Daniel Gruber (@DanielGruber)

for kindly providing us with the slides!