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Access blocked: authorisation error

  • 8 November 2023
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Here is the URL of the Looker link created through my Google Cloud console:

Once clicked, getting this message:

Access blocked: authorisation error

The OAuth client was not found.

If you are a developer of this app, see error details.

Error 401: invalid_client

Is it due to the fact that subscription for Google Workspace associated with has expired. However, I could access Google Cloud console with this id ( that has also startup credits remaining.

3 replies

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Hello @DigitalSplendid,

Thank you for the question.

Looker Studio API is only available to users that belong to an organization with Google Workspace or Cloud Identity.

Did you make sure that the OAuth client for the app is still valid and exists in the Google Cloud console.
Make sure that the OAuth client for the app is authorized to access the Looker instance.
Check the user's Google account to make sure that they are logged in and authorized to access the Looker instance.

Also, Check the set Looker Studio users' sharing permissions

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I am the only admin. Not sure with a single admin, why the issue of authentication ever appear.

I stopped working on my another Google Cloud account last year after no way could resolve authentication error (

Around 2 months back, applied for Google Partner account, and there too there arose an authentication issue. Initially was told to close the account by a Google Partner team member from Singapore possibly after a meeting on Google Meet. However, another team member resolved the issue later which took around 1 hour to resolve and he had to take help of his senior team member during the meeting (

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I am retrying with a new Looker instance after reactivating Google Workspace subscription (<REDACTED>). This time getting the above error.