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Sharing and exchanging data with other organizations is a critical element of a customer’s analytics strategy, but it’s hamstrung by unreliable data and processes, and only getting harder with security threats and privacy regulations on the rise. 

Furthermore, traditional data sharing techniques use batch data pipelines that are expensive to run, create late-arriving data, and can break with any changes to the source data. They also create multiple copies of data, which brings unnecessary costs and can bypass data governance processes. These techniques do not offer features for data monetization, such as managing subscriptions and entitlements. Altogether, these challenges mean that organizations are unable to realize the full potential of transforming their business with shared data.

Analytics Hub is here to address these limitations. It’s a new fully managed service (in preview), that helps us unlock the value of data sharing, leading to new insights and increased business value.

It builds on BigQuery and to make data sharing easier and more scalable in BigQuery introduces the concepts of shared datasets and exchanges. Also, it takes advantage of the native business intelligence support with tools like LookerGoogle Sheets, and Data Studio.

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