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Dataflow, the backbone of data analytics

  • 30 June 2021
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Data is generated in real-time from websites, mobile apps, IoT devices,and other workloads.

But, data from these systems is not often in the format that is conducive for analysis or for effective use, by downstream systems.

That’s where Dataflow comes in! Dataflow is a serverless, fast and cost-effective service that supports both stream and batch processing.

You can read more here

Google Cloud Blog


2 replies

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Hello community,

Thank you @ilias  for sharing.

Let's imagine a use case that requires the use APIs to retrieve data in realtime. How could we imagine the architecture of this pipeline with or without dataflow?

Thanks in advance 

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Great question - scenario @Bouchra.abidar 

How are you dealing with it in your company?