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Most of the time people tend to do what their friends do.

The same thing happens when you work with clients. I have heard the argument many times: "We will do it this way because my friend does the same with his company".

They cannot understand that every company is a different case and they cannot understand the evolution of CS and Cloud technologies.

In one of these cases, I had a client who looked at me as if I were a foreigner, an alien when I proposed to have an ELT solution for his company.

Really glad to read this article from @antoine.castex and can’t wait for part 2! 😀

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Yes @ilias  you are correct. It completely depend upon the client requirements. Even within same organisation different product can have different approach.

We are doing ELTL :. Extracting from multiple source ---> Loading in our data lake---> transform --->load into data warehouse

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Thanks, @VishalG for sharing your point of view!

Totally agree with you that even in the same organization with a different project we might need adifferent approach.