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From Data-driven Business to Business-driven Data & Trends in the Data Engineering & more

  • 8 March 2023
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3 Canadian experts discuss Modern Data Stack and Cloud Computing for 5 years of Serverless Toronto community: Weather you're a seasoned Data professional or someone looking to get into Cloud Data Engineering, you'll find the insights very valuable! The combined slide deck is on SlideShare and the video is fully indexed so you can jump in the any topic you are curious about:

00:02:58 From Data-driven Business to Business-driven Data: Hands-on Data Modelling exercise by Jacob Frackson of Montreal Analytics
00:40:00 Trends in the Data Engineering Consulting Landscape by Nadji Bessa of Infostrux Solutions
01:13:54 Building Secure Serverless Delivery Pipelines on GCP by Ugo Udokporo of Google
01:54:36 Q&A
01:59:00 How to transition to the Data side of the Cloud
02:09:12 "Ode to Manning Publications Co." :)


3 replies

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Thank you for sharing it @DanielZ 

Is there another event scheduled to happen in a near future? 




Yes, definitely @valdecir.carvalho. We tend to have one event per month. I am now orchestrating the presenter’s availability before announcing the next 3 meetups. One will be the continuation of the Feb meetup because we ran out of time for the 4th presenter - Mike Apted from AWS Startup Team, another one will be a “Crash course on Flutter” with Leigha Jarett, and Jacob Frackson promised to come back for a deep dive session on using BEAM Collaborative Dimensional Modeling framework). So, my “Calls to Action” for you are:

1. Join the group to get future meetup notifications

2. Check-out the playlist with the past meetup recordings:

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@Yuliia Tkachova

I think this could be interesting to you.