Google and Sap announced a major partnership. What does it mean for the business community? Read the blog for the use cases this combined technology solves. | C2C Community

Google and Sap announced a major partnership. What does it mean for the business community? Read the blog for the use cases this combined technology solves.

  • 17 May 2023
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In the grand tapestry of the modern business world, change is the thread that keeps weaving in and out. We’ve seen it a lot this year, especially in tech and other industries. 

What’s causing the picture to keep changing? A whole host of things – shifts in what people want, cutting-edge tech like data analysis, AI, large language models, and cloud computing, and then there’s the ongoing pandemic, political shifts, and climate change. 

In this fast-paced scene, if you’re not moving forward, you’re sliding back

Businesses are now looking to speed up decision-making, cut costs, and handle the influx of data that’s constantly rolling in. They’re equipping their employees with data and AI to make decisions in near real-time. It’s a bit like how Google changed how we search and Uber transformed how we travel. Now, it’s hitting the business world big time. 

Sapphire 2023: Key Takeaways 

Efficiency and Cost Optimization: The bidirectional integration between Google Cloud and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) will enhance efficiency and reduce costs, creating a sturdy system for end-users.

Faster Time to Value: The synergy of SAP’s enterprise software (SAP ECC or S/4 Hana) with Google Cloud’s analytical prowess will allow businesses to gain value from their data rapidly.

AI & ML Integration: Google Cloud’s leading AI and Machine Learning models will be incorporated into SAP’s workflows, providing intelligent insights and automation.

LLM Embedding: Large Language Models, like ChatGPT or Google’s Generative AI, will be integrated into SAP workflows, prioritizing data security and streamlining operations.

Real-Time Data Access: Instant access to crucial data will facilitate swift decision-making and quick reaction to market changes.

Simplified Data Landscape: The combination of SAP and Google Cloud will simplify data handling, reducing time spent on data management and focusing more on insight extraction.

As is evident, this dynamic duo is all set to change how businesses use and understand data, combining real-time analytics with the latest in tech, like AI, machine learning, and large language models. 

For the past six years, Pluto7 has been deeply immersed in data platforms, crafting sophisticated solutions that empower businesses in the marketing, sales, supply chain, and manufacturing sectors. 

We’ve established a reputation for excellence, securing numerous accolades from prestigious institutions like Gartner and USC, as well as Google Cloud itself, for the tangible value we’ve delivered through our data platforms.

Our role goes beyond being just a provider; we’re a trusted partner accompanying our customers on their transformative journeys with data and artificial intelligence. 

Our clients across North America, Asia, and EMEA, appreciate our innovative service delivery model. This model offers them the flexibility they need without the necessity of hiring expensive talent, allowing them to lean on our expertise and resources instead.


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