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Google Cloud Data Lake Workshop: 22 February 2023

  • 11 February 2023
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Join Google Cloud and Quantiphi for a hands-on exposure to Google's data lake platform. You’ll learn about Google’s unique approach to solving data security, governance, silos, and developer productivity issues that challenge many organizations. Into the event speaker will also discuss data lake migration methodology, tooling, best practices, and cost savings.

Benefits of attending: 
- Meet with data lake migration and modernization experts 
- Gain hands-on experience with Google’s Data Lake products — Dataproc and BigLake
- Explore the Hadoop/Spark migration framework, accelerators, and best practices to improve productivity and reduce infrastructure costs
Click on the link below for join this event.

1 reply

Thanks you I have applied for the event please I need the price to continue my project and complete the prototype every thing just stand still now please help.