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Is anyone else using or-tools on cloud functions/run?

  • 10 February 2022
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There is a huge domain of using optimization to solve business problems.


My company is using optimization including to solver broadband network design and funding.


I’m very interested to learn if anyone else is using it and how.

4 replies

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Hi @fhk,

can you tell us more about your problem? Is it a Data and Analytics? If so i will leave your post to this group. If it is an infrastructure problem, then I will move it to that group?

What exactly do you want to learn? If someone is using it with Cloud Run and/or Functions? How they are using it? How you can use it?

You wrote about “funding”. Have you checked our Startup group?

Hi @ilias 

yes, the software is part of a Data and Analytics solution.


When I mention “funding” I mean that the software is used to determine where to spend the $$$.



Yes, many people is using or-tools. There is a Discussion Group:





Hi Alfonso


I was more interested to see if any startups were using it on google cloud?