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Is there Data-Science possible without Data-Engineering ?

  • 6 April 2021
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I have seen comments across social-media platforms where people talk about Data Science in vacuum without the context of Data Engineering . IMO DS(Data-Science) without DE(Data-Engineering) , just do not EXISTS !!!

What do you think Guys ????


2 replies

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Great topic, @sandatalytics! Thanks for getting it started. 

This sounds like a great topic for a C2C Talk. Would you be interested in helping us co-host a session on this topic with a 5-10 minute intro to share your POV before we open up to more group discussion? 

(Note: I’ve moved this topic into our Data and Analytics group, as that’s the best forum for this conversation to get others from the community talking. If you didn’t see that option when you clicked “Create Topic,” it’s likely because you first need to join the group before you can create new topics or reply. So I encourage you to join that group and any other Connect groups you have interest in.)

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I love this kind of conversations:

  • Data Analyst vs Data Engineer vs Data Scientist
  • Python vs R
  • VS Code vs Atom
  • Vim vs Emacs

They are really so funny. A true debate!

Before starting the discussion let’s define the roles. The job description for both of them.

  • Data engineers: Clean, aggregate, and organize data from disparate sources and transfer it to data warehouses.
  • Data scientists: Design data modeling processes to create algorithms and predictive models and perform custom analysis


Working as a freelancer can be both a data scientist and a data engineer. A company can hire me for both roles.

If the company does not have a Data Engineer, I will, as a Data Scientist, have to clean and collect the data, and then I will be able to work with them. The same can happen if I am a Data Engineer.

If you work for a company that has Data Analytics, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist teams, then Data Analysts and Scientists will rely on Data Engineers to prepare the data they will use. It is teamwork!

The appropriate Google Cloud Certification for these 3 roles is Professional Data Engineer.