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New Google Cloud Innovations to Unify your Data Cloud

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Every company is on a journey to become more data-driven whether that’s providing great digital experiences to customers, or driving operational excellence through AI, or detecting hidden patterns in data to improve decision making. 

To help with this transformation, Google Cloud announced new products and services designed to fully unify your databases, analytics, and AI.

  • Centrally manage, monitor, and govern your data across data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts, and make this data securely accessible to a variety of analytics and data science tools from a single view with Dataplex.
  • Move and synchronize data between heterogeneous databases, storage, and applications reliably to support real-time analytics, database replication, and event-driven architectures with Datastream.
  • Access and share valuable datasets and analytics assets across any organizational boundary with Analytics Hub.
  • Speed up your rate of experimentation with AI projects and accelerate time to business value with Vertex AI.

Watch the strategy presentations on-demand at the Data Cloud Summit

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