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Please BigQuery, can you accelerate my answers (and be cheaper)?

  • 19 April 2021
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When I was talking about BigQuery, I always had three people in mind: Felipe, Jordan and Lak.

The first two are no longer in the team that works with BigQuery. But Lac is. And does an amazing job of writing articles, making videos that you can watch live or on-demand from Cloud OnAir events and, of course, training courses in Coursera and PluralSight.

From last week I will have in mind another person. Our @antoine.castex, core team member of the France Community Group at C2C.

His way of approaching BigQuery and explaining it with such simplicity is truly amazing. In his article, he has a very good transmission capability.

  • It's a 7 minute investment to read.
  • @Content.Sabina we must have him on the panel and talk.
  • @JBranham maybe we can have a 10 minutes video from experts like him


Source: Antoine Castex’s article on Beauty Tomorrow Publication, Medium


1 reply

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Yes! I love this! If you can help me set up the conversation, I’d love to work on building a content plan! Thanks :)