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The art of effective factory data visualization

  • 2 November 2022
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Suchitra Bose, Director of manufacturing and industrial solutions, and Simon Floyd, Director of manufacturing and transportation, Google cloud, discussed about new innovation implement on manufacturing, transportation and  Smart Factory Transformers. In this new video series from Google Cloud, They tell outstanding and exciting stories of how manufacturers are in the midst of a transformation journey, digitizing production processes and reimagining customer experience using data and AI. Check out this episode to learn about the benefits of breaking down data silos and using low/no-code data visualization and analytics tools.

They also explain how Scaling from pilot to program and describe how to create a new level of transparency and unlock cross-system use cases by connecting disparate systems from sensors to controllers. SCADA, MES and ERP.

Rapidly generate new insights & make data-driven decisions on all levels by democratizing access to data & self-service tools for operators, maintenance crew, suppliers, and others.

Optimize operations on a machine, line and plant level to increase OEE by applying Al/ML for uptime, throughput and quality improvements. Quickly scale pilots into full production rollouts by leveraging a unified data repository instead of numerous point connections

Simon Floyed, shared Jason Ryska, Director Manufacturing Technology Development, Ford Motor Company manufacturing experience on Google Cloud. He said on the growing amount of sensor data generated on their assembly lines creates an opportunity for smarter analytics around product quality, production efficiency and equipment health monitoring, but it also means new data intake and management challenges.

Simon also given reference about their gaining strong insights from the data that help them implement predictive and preventive actions and continue to become even more efficient in their manufacturing plants. Ford Solution implemented and connected to factory machines in days instead of months. 100 key machines connected across two plants, 25M records per week.

Click on the video below to watch it in detail:



0:00 - Intro

0:58 - The business case for factory data visualization

12:38 - Proof of value: Live factory visibility and analytics demo

26:33 - From pilot to adoption at scale

30:40 - Summary and wrap up


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