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DevOps 2021 Report from the DORA team

  • 25 April 2022
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State of DevOps 2021 report (from Google Cloud’s DevOps Research and Assessment - DORA - team) is available at the following link: and has some really interesting takeaways.

One of my favorites? The recognition that SRE and DevOps are complimentary cultures! For a while I was seeing a lot of posts on LinkedIn and elsewhere asking whether you thought DevOps or SRE was a stronger methodology, and I always thought the question was odd. In my mind they have always been complimentary. Both highly responsive, focused on keeping the customer happy by meeting their needs rapidly, incorporating as much automation as possible, and relying upon agile teams…

What’s your favorite takeaway from the report? Share here in a comment!

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing this! We actually had someone (@nathenharvey) from the DORA team run some sessions with us last year about the importance of this type of research. You can find the recordings from those here:


We also published a quick article about their report here, reiterating the key findings from the report. Fully agree on the cohesion between cultural practices of DevOps and SRE (hence the combination of this category in our community). While I’m not part of a DevOps/SRE team, I really enjoy the culture part of the survey results--I think there’s a lot any type of team can learn from that!