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First recipient of the Google Cloud DevOps Award is ...

  • 23 May 2022
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Google Cloud has created a new award to recognize excellence in DevOps implementations, and the inaugural awardee is Broadcom.

Reading through the linked article, it makes sense why Broadcom was recognized! With an average of 6,500+ deployments across multiple environments in a day, and by consolidating from 60 data centers globally to 27 Google Cloud Regions and points of presence, Broadcom has reduced their teams’ maintenance burden and enabled a new focus on innovation.

It’s always fun, to me, to see companies getting DevOps right. There are real benefits that can be realized with good practices!

7 replies

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It’s the first time I read about this award. Didn’t know it exist, until now. Thanks, @jennworks40.

Reading the DORA results for 2021 I’m glad to see that companies are getting DevOps right. And it is really impressing to check the numbers that you are mentioning!

Can you tell us, @jennworks40, if your company is near to these numbers? What about your company @ahmedtariq1 @Vick @seijimanoan ?

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Thanks @jennworks40 for sharing this news. I also agree that Broadcom deserves the award.

@ilias, my company is not anywhere near the numbers 😆😆😆

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Just asked @Vick 😉

I do not think there are many companies with these numbers.

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Yes @ilias , I agree. But I think with such initiatives such as these from Google, many companies will come up to speed. 

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That’s true @Vick.

I will wait to see the next company to receive this award and their numbers 😉

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Quite impressive by Broadcom. I’ll share their story with my company.

@ilias my company is still in a process of adopting the Devops culture 😅

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Hi @ahmedtariq1,

I read the DORA report for 2021. At least your company is in the process. That’s good! It means that you will not have technical debts in the near future.