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Get started with SRE - Webinar Experience

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I know cloud is the future, I have recently started getting certified in cloud, I have got certified in some azure fundamentals. I have plans to get certified in GCP too , but waiting for a opportunity like this one :) Recently I came to know that C2C is big GCP community. 

The event was very interesting, Keeping your business websites up online is a great hard work and knowing how the team SREs do this 24×7 is indeed interesting.

I have already heard about SRE online, but I wasn't sure what really does a SRE do in daily job. This event helped me to know more about SRE.

Some interesting points:

- 2500 SREs are behind google systems.
- Have multiple versions of your apps for availability.

In the event I asked a question to Alexis about what would happen if we run out of error budget.

Finally I didn't do networking with other attendees, but I am free to connect and discuss. :)

Thanks for great webinar. 👍🏻

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