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How Google SRE And Developers Collaborate

  • 29 July 2022
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I would like to share with you this article which I find very interesting.

How Google SRE And Developers Collaborate



5 replies

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That’s a very interesting article, thanks for posting @Bouchra.abidar ! 

We had a great event with @alexismp about SRE and here is the amazing takeaway post from @YasinQuareshy :


I don’t remember, but were you also in that event too, @Bouchra.abidar ? :)


So, it’s really interesting to read how Google SRE and Developers collaborate! 😎

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Thank you @Dimitris Petrakis !! 

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Hello @Bouchra.abidar ,

Thank you for spreading the word about Google SRE and Developers Collaborate.

"Google is the Father of SRE," I'd like to say.


Why ?

The concept of site reliability engineering was developed by the Google engineering team and is credited to Ben Treynor Sloss. SRE assists teams in striking a balance between releasing new features and ensuring that they are reliable for users. Standardization and automation are two important components of the SRE model.

I admire Google engineers and Developer's advocates for their presentation, expression, technique, topic selection, and appropriate word use; every aspect of the learning tutorial that I notice is amazing. I'm very motivated to learn from them.

They always present complex subjects in the simplest way possible. So I'd like to give you extra credit. I hope you enjoy it.

Google has a wealth of well-organized and interactive SRE and DevOps learning resources.  I'll mention a few of them here. Please see the links below.


Google fee Book on Sre and Devops: It is very good book. I read it myself.


Google Cloud Skillboots learning path:

DevOps Engineer, SRE Learning Path



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Thank you for the links @malamin. They are very interesting  

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@Bouchra.abidar You’re welcome.