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Implement Continuous Integration using Google Cloud Services

  • 23 July 2022
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Continuous Integration in GCP


Continuous Integration forms the CI of the CI/CD process and at its heart is the culture of submitting smaller units of change frequently. The smaller changes minimize the risk, help to resolve issues quickly, increase development velocity, and provide frequent feedback. At its core, it is about getting feedback early and often, which makes it possible to identify and correct problems early in the development process. With CI, you integrate your work frequently, often multiple times a day, instead of waiting for one complex integration at the end of the day. Each integration is first verified with an automated build, which enables you to detect integration issues as quickly as possible and reduce problems downstream.

Some important elements are required to make up the CI process, such as making changes in the code, managing the source code and building the artifacts, and storing the artifacts. Google Cloud has an appropriate service for each of the elements that allows us to build a GCP-native CI pipeline. By using the Cloud Code service on GCP we can make changes in the code, and version control of the code can be done by using the Cloud Source Repositories service, for building and creating the artifacts GCP provides the Cloud Build service and Container/Artifact Registry to store artifacts such as container images in a repository for a future deployment process.

Much has changed in the app development space recently, and you will want to consider these changes as part of your CI strategy. Developers should be focused on their code, not on ushering their changes through a CI process. CI step should be triggered and run behind the scenes as soon as code is checked in.

This chapter from the book "Google Cloud for DevOps Engineers" explains how to implement CI process using Google Cloud services by following best practices.

Read more at 👉🏻 Link

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Thanks for posting this, @ahmedtariq1 

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@royca and @pitazzo I remember you were into CI/CD. Perhaps you could add more to this? :)