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Introducing the DevOps and SRE Moderators

Introducing the DevOps and SRE Moderators
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Let us introduce you to our DevOps and SRE Moderators:


Jennifer Bergstrom.

Username:     jennworks40



Jenn Bergstrom is a multi-cloud solution architect with experience building cloud native solutions to meet complex customer requirements. She has over 15 years of experience in the software industry, with a focus over the last 5 years on Cloud, DevSecOps, and Chaos Engineering. Jenn enjoys helping others to grow in their knowledge and believes that mentoring is an imperative. Her curiosity and passion for learning has led to recognition as a Parsons Fellow for her cloud expertise and to opportunities to present at international summits and conferences. When not working to grow the community of cloud engineers, Jenn enjoys spending time enjoying nature’s beauty with her husband and two daughters, reading, and creating art.

Company: Parsons

Job Title: PARSONS X Senior Technical Director


Ahmed Tariq.

Username:     ahmedtariq1



Ahmed Tariq is an ambitious DevOps Engineer with a keen interest in Cloud and DevOps. He is proficient in leading cloud platforms and has strong experience with CI/CD pipelines, automation, cloud infrastructure, and cloud development and utilized his knowledge to design and implement scalable, highly-available systems and has successfully implemented several projects. Ahmed is a cloud enthusiast dedicated to ongoing learning and professional development in the field of Cloud and DevOps.

Company:  Datics AI

Job Title: DevOps Engineer


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Another big “yaaaay!” for Jennifer and Ahmed! 👏

Welcome onboard, both of you! It’s GREAT to have you two as moderators! 😀

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Thanks for the nice introduction, Ilias! And thank you for the warm welcome Dimitris. 😀

Hi everyone -

I’m excited to be a part of this community and looking forward to learning more with you about Google Cloud and DevOps. There’s always knowledge to build, especially with subjects as dynamic as both Google Cloud and DevOps are.

Let’s learn together!

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Thank you Ilias for this nice introduction. 

I'm veryi exicted to be a part of this community!!


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As this is edited, I have to shout another big “yaaaay!” for @Bouchra.abidar and @dineshnithyan ! Congratulations and welcome aboard! 😎