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Three ways to improve CI/CD in your serverless app

  • 30 January 2023
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What is CI/CD and how can it be improved in your serverless application?  In this video, Developer Advocate Martin Omander chats with Developer Relations Engineer Mia Villaseñor about automated builds, Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment, canary releases, and more. Watch to learn three ways you can improve CI/CD in your serverless app.


Click on the video below to watch it in detail.



0:00 - Intro

0:41 - What is Continuous Integration?

1:14 - Automatic tests / automatic builds

2:36 - Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment?

3:40 - How do I set up Continuous Delivery or Deployment for my Cloud Run project?

4:30 - What are canary releases?

5:50 - How long should I run the canary release?

6:13 - How do I set up canary releases for my Cloud Run service?

6:28 - Revision-specific URLs

6:51 - Wrap up


Extra Credit:

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Java →

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2 replies

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Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery. But what does it actually mean?
This is a great video to explain the concepts! Thanks for posting, @malamin !

I really like the series of Serverless Expeditions, it’s a really cool show! 😎

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Also, I like it @Dimitris Petrakis . I always watch this kind of series for refresh my memory. It’s help me to find the best solution.