C2C Connect: Google Cloud Certifications with Mattias Andersson, Tue, 25 Jan. 2022 at 07:00, America/Los_Angeles | C2C Community
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Tue, 25 Jan, 15:00 - 16:00

C2C Connect: Google Cloud Certifications with Mattias Andersson

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Which certification works best for you?


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Certifications are a Google Cloud user’s keys to success. Google Cloud’s many certifications provide the training and expertise practitioners need to identify and excel in their career paths, and certifications help employers and industry decision-makers find the talent that sets their teams apart from the competition. C2C’s Community Managers and guest speakers are Certified Google Cloud partners whose experience will help attendees advance wherever they are in their cloud journey.


What should I expect?


In this coffee chat, you will be an active participant in an informal conversation with one of the best Training Architects in the Google Cloud space, and get invaluable first-hand insights on Google Cloud certifications. An audience of your peers will join you for an open discussion in which all will be free to share experiences and ask questions. C2C’s community managers, Alfons Muñoz and Ilias Papachristos, will be available at every monthly meeting.


Can you tell me more about the speaker? 


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Mattias Andersson is a Senior Community Training Architect at A Cloud Guru / Pluralsight. He has trained thousands of Cloud engineers with the courses at A Cloud Guru.

Mattias will join us for this coffee chat to talk about everything related to Google Cloud certifications, from how to choose your certification to what to study and when to take the exam.

Want to have a sneak peek at what we are going to chat about?, Have a look at the following video made by Mattias Andersson and come to the chat prepared with your questions.


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