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App Engine Drive Conversation at C2C Connect: France Session on June 28

  • 19 September 2022
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The C2C Connect: France session’s momentum, C2C members @antoine.castex  and @guillaume blaquiere hosted a powerful session for France and beyond in the cloud space. These sessions intend to bring together a community of cloud experts and customers to connect, learn, and shape the future of cloud. 


60 Minutes Summed Up in 60 Seconds

  1. Wesley Chun is a developer advocate at Google Cloud which has been working at the early stage of App Engine. He saw its evolution through years

  2. App Engine is the real first serverless product and the envision of Google for the future about cloud computing. In 2008, the first release was surely at a too early stage for the IT world!

  3. App Engine first generation was a dedicated suite of libraries and product useful but that locked the user on Google Cloud

  4. App Engine second generation unlocked that “vendor lock in” situation, with the use of more languages and standard libraries, but some features have been lost by the way.

  5. Today, the 1st generation libraries has been publicly released and can help user of the 1st generation to quickly and simply migrate to the second generation

  6. App Engine has been at the root of many services: Cloud Task, Cloud Scheduler, Datastore,... have been extracted from App Engine environment to become generic product on Google Cloud

  7. App Engine is based on containers. This strong basis helped Google Cloud to create the Cloud Functions product, and later Cloud Run, based on the same principle and orchestration on Google Cloud BORG backbone and orchestrator.

  8. App Engine continues to live and to evolve, hopefully, or sadly, slowly. The huge and large number of applications on it force the team to move slowly not to break the current app. 

  9. New features, especially about network for Enterprise grade compliance can be expected in the future, as well as, new languages and new versions.

  10. You can find the video here.


Despite only having 60 minutes to meet, the conversation didn’t stop. App Engine is a hot topic, and it certainly stole the show. The group spent time feature and future, such as: 

  1. Supported Languages

  2. Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Task

  3. Difference with other serverless compute product


They also shared what they liked and didn’t. For example, Guillaume asked why App Engine 1st generation offers email sending service, and no other Google Cloud product offers that capability.


Preview What's Next


The upcoming session will cover the following topics that came up but didn’t make it to the discussion floor: 

  1. Google Cloud Next 22 watch party, in-person, October 11th, Paris

  2. Cloud Workflows: the great serverless orchestration service on Google Cloud, with Kris Braun, PM of Cloud Workflows, November 8th, Online

If this seems valuable to you, be sure to sign up to get in touch with the group!


Extra Credit


Looking for more Google Cloud products news and resources? We got you. 

The following links were shared with attendees and are now available to you!


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