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21 Google Cloud tools, each explained in under 2 minutes

  • 1 March 2021
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Need a quick overview of Google Cloud core technologies?

Quickly learn these 21 Google Cloud products—each explained in under two minutes.


3 replies

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This is very handy. I’d love to see a longer summary video at the end or some type of visualization that shows how all of these technologies play together, where they overlap, and why. Know of anything like that out there? 

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All these technologies have different use cases.

We choose between App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, GKE, and Anthos. Although there are sometimes where we can use a combination of them.

The same thing happens with the storage.

At Google’s Cloud documentation you can find the Decision Trees that will help you. 

As for visualization, there are cloud solution architectures available.

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I learned so much from just watching a few videos. Great resource.