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Alerting and monitoring

  • 20 October 2022
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Hello Everyone, 

I’m facing a challenge with a current project.

How to well monitor airflow DAGs (on Dataproc) via Monitoring service on GCP ? 

 Thanks !


Best answer by ilias 21 October 2022, 09:24

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8 replies

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Hi @Junior,

Have you introduced yourself in the Lounge section using this template? If not, can you do it? It will be great to learn more about you.

As for your question, have you checked this link and this one?

Hi @ilias , 

I did it :)

thanks for your reply  

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Hi @Junior,

Did any of them work for you? 🤔

Hi @ilias  yes, 

Thank you for the links. I’m working on it :)

I’ll keep you updated 

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That's great @Junior 

Thanks for sharing it.


As I'm going to create metrics for DAG and tasks monitoring, These links are really useful: and

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Thanks for posting those links, @Junior, that’s great! By the way, it’s good to see you around again! 😎

If the links of Ilias helped out in solving this, let us know please! 😉


@Dimitris Petrakis  the link from @ilias  really helped