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Getting started with Google Cloud video

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In this video, Priyanka Vergadia, Developer Advocate at Google, will unbox Google Cloud. Watch and imagine you are a cloud architect for the imaginary company looking to build your platform on Google Cloud. You'll learn what is Google Cloud and how can you get started.

Use case: getting started with Google Cloud

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Hi @Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich 

@Priyanka Vergadia always amaze me with the way she manages to make everything look so simple. This video is another example.

Thanks for sharing it!

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Hi @Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich ! I will agree with @ilias ! Thanks for sharing this by the way!

Were you at our event with @Priyanka Vergadia ?

By the way, Priyanka has released a fantastic book for anyone who wants to better understand Google Cloud! It’s called “Visualizing Google Cloud - 101 Illustrated References for Cloud Engineers & Architects”. Here’s a link from her LinkedIn profile with it for anyone who might be interested 😎

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Yes, I was on the event. It was interesting)
Her illustrations are very helpful in explaining GCP.