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  • 16 January 2022
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Me pueden guiar por dónde certificarme en Google CLOUD, por favor?



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¿Puedes especificar qué es exactamente lo que quieres? No entiendo tu pregunta claramente.
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Hi @VikiinGO,

please write in English.

You can join our event with Carl Tanner, EMEA Training Business Leader - Google Cloud. He will speak about the best practices getting the Google Cloud Certifications.

We also start, on a monthly basis, Google Cloud Certification events. You can join our event with Mattias.

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Hello @VikiinGO , first of all bienvenido to the community!


I would like to share some additional resources to start looking for a citification path. You should definitely read  Google Cloud Certifications Path Overview by @alex.maksymec, you will found the different levels of certification on Google Cloud like Foundational, Associate, Professional, etc. And if you are starting on GCP (Google Cloud Platform), then “Cloud Digital Leader” may be the best certification to start with. But once again, read that article it will guide you and give you great knowledge.


You can start with a free trial account or watch some technical videos, for this you should take a look into the 5 Ultimate free resources for Beginners and Pros alike, by @jjain; you will found some links and whitepapers as great introduction resources on GCP.


Let me know if you need any additional help, I’m also starting with GCP but there are a lot of great content here on C2C. 



Moises Gonzaga