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Google Cloud Learn December, 8-10

  • 2 December 2021
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Google Cloud Learn December, 8-10
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Cloud Learn


With simultaneous tracks for IT practitioners, Developers and Data Practitioners this is the perfect event to learn more about cloud technology whichever is your speciality!.

The event will be presented at different times for Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa

Join Google Cloud's free online learning event, Cloud Learn. This event is for developers, IT professionals, and data practitioners at all career levels and will cover everything from introductory Google Cloud training to certification prep. You’ll have access to role-based tracks that include live demos, Q&As, career development workshops, hands-on challenges, opportunities to earn badges to validate cloud knowledge, and more at Cloud Learn.

December, 8th - December, 10th, 2021


Join this Google event HERE

2 replies

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Thanks for sharing @Alfons 

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I feel like everything is aligned! Just starting here in C2C and GCP and I get two post, one from @ilias and now your @Alfons 

Thank you so much for sharing this information, it helps a lot to new people like me!



Moises Gonzaga