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Google Cloud’s Autism Career Program

  • 27 July 2021
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One of the reasons I love working with the Google community is this!

They announced the launch of Google Cloud’s Autism Career Program, designed to hire and support more talented people with autism in the rapidly growing cloud industry. How awesome is that?

They will to train up to 500 Google Cloud managers and others who are involved in hiring processes. They will empower these Googlers to work effectively and empathetically with autistic candidates and ensure Google’s onboarding processes are accessible and equitable. Stanford,Stanford Neurodiversity Project (part of the Stanford University School of Medicine), will also provide coaching to applicants, as well as ongoing support for them, their teammates and managers once they join the Google Cloud team.

This is the definition of inclusion. That is what inclusionis all about.

You can read Rob Enslin’s article here

Image Source: Google Cloud Blog


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That is really cool! In an organization as big as Google, having neurodiversity is a big plus all around!