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Google Cloud Security Summit

  • 23 July 2021
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Google Cloud Security Summit was on July 20. Did you have time to attend it? If not, you can watch the video on demand.

The big announcement at the event was a new service called Google IDS (Intrusion Detection Service), which requires security operation skills to set up and maintain.

Securing network traffic with Cloud IDS

IDS is a threat detection analyzer that works by mirroring packets of network traffic both within and within a VPC. Such a service is already available by enabling packet mirroring on a third-party service, such as that provided by ExtraHop, Cisco, Netscout or Check Point.

If we compare the diagram in the image above with the network security diagram in Google Cloud before the introduction of IDS (image below) we can identify the differences, right?

Securing network traffic before Cloud IDS

Let me know your opinion on this. Is there anything else you liked about the Security Summit?

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As a newbie to deep cloud conversations, I really appreciated the technical information that was discussed during the summit. I assumed it would just be vague overviews about certain topics, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was not that.