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Google Cloud Setup: A Quick Summary

  • 3 January 2024
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Before you start running workloads on Google Cloud, you need a solid foundation. The Google Cloud setup process helps you achieve this by guiding you through creating a secure and scalable architecture with best practices in mind.

The setup is flexible:

  • Deploy quickly: Use the default configuration or customize it throughout the process.
  • Choose your workflow: Deploy directly from the console or download Terraform for Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

The process involves:

  • Organization: Set up your organization, administrators, and billing.
  • Architecture: Create folders, projects, assign access, configure network, and centralize logging.
  • Deployment: Compile your choices into Terraform files, deploy via console or download for customization.
  • Security & Support: Apply recommended monitoring, security, and support settings.

Detailed steps and background information are available in the Google Cloud console and this document.

Key phases:

Establish your organization, administrators, and billing:

  • Organization: Define your organization structure.
  • Users and groups: Create and manage administrator users.
  • Administrative access: Set access permissions for users.
  • Billing: Connect your payment method.

Create an initial architecture:

  • Hierarchy and access: Define folder and project structure, assign access.
  • Networking: Configure your network settings.
  • Centralize logging: Set up centralized logging for easier monitoring.

Deploy your settings:

  • Deploy or download: Choose your deployment method (console or Terraform).

Apply security and support settings:

  • Monitoring: Set up monitoring for your resources.
  • Security: Apply recommended security settings.
  • Support: Enable support options for assistance.

This summary provides a concise overview of the Google Cloud setup process. For detailed instructions and further information, please check the Google Cloud console and documentation link below:


4 replies

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This is an amazing guide for beginners, @malamin! Not only does it give you the general overview, but also goes into details through the links. Thanks for posting this! 😎

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Thank you very much for like this post, @Dimitris Petrakis . Also, I shared this post in my LinkedIn wall.

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Thank you for good instructions @malamin!




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You're welcome! @KateVysh.  I'm glad they were helpful.