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Google Warsaw Cloud meetup experience

  • 1 August 2023
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I recently attended Meetup hosted by Google Warsaw Cloud, where Emilia Sokół, a software engineer, discussed Chubby, a lock service at Google scale. She shared her team's experience with providing a reliable locking service for a distributed system. 


Emilia also talked about the mechanisms for scaling, such as caching and proxies, and how Paxos implementation with lease timers ensures liveness. 


Here you can watch previous meetups and learn something new about Google Cloud:


Can't wait to attend more events like this and learn from experts in the cloud field!



2 replies

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Nice! I really love Warsaw. I've been there in 2018 to speak at a VMUG meeting. Awesome city and people. After the event, they took me to a place called Folk Gospoda or something like that!

If you are also in the VMware and/or AWS community, you may know my friend Maciej Lelusz, he is all over in the tech community. 

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It's great to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Warsaw )

No, I don't know Maciej.

But it's nice to know that there's great communities in Warsaw