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Help with Startup Program

  • 27 September 2023
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 Hi community,I Babaji Labaran Adamu product manager ABU ABDULRAHMAN COMMUNICATION telephone company, I already apply and submit start-ups 2 months ago hasn't yet received anything else,  if anyone else will help me about this issues . Thanks for your help and encouragement,  I Babaji Labaran Adamu 

1 reply

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I understand that you have applied and submitted your startup to Google for consideration two months ago, but you haven't received any updates or responses yet. It can be frustrating when you're waiting to hear back about your application.

When applying to Google for startups or any other program, it's important to keep in mind that the review process can take time due to the high volume of applications they receive. 

Our community don't have information about startup applications unfortunately.

Here are a few suggestions to help you with this situation:

1. Follow up with Google: Reach out to Google's startup support or the specific program you applied to. Look for contact information or support channels provided by Google for startups. You can inquire about the status of your application and express your interest and enthusiasm for the opportunity.

2. Check your email and spam folder: Make sure you haven't missed any communication from Google. Sometimes, emails can end up in spam or promotions folders, so it's important to check all relevant folders in your email account.

3. Leverage your network: If you know someone who has gone through the Google startup application process or has connections at Google, consider reaching out to them for guidance or assistance. They may be able to provide insights or help escalate your application internally.

4. Seek alternative support: While waiting for a response from Google, you can explore other resources and support available for startups. There are numerous startup communities, incubators, accelerators, and mentorship programs that can provide guidance, resources, and networking opportunities.

Remember, the application process for large organizations like Google can be highly competitive, and they receive a significant number of applications. It's essential to remain patient and persistent in following up while exploring other avenues to support your startup.

I wish you the best of luck with your application and your entrepreneurial journey!