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How did you get started with Google Cloud?

  • 22 February 2021
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A hot topic for many of our C2C members has been this idea of getting started on your learning journey with Google Cloud Platform. We have community members, students and seasoned professionals alike, who are looking for the advice of others to help them on their journey. 

So where did you start? 

If you were starting over, what would you change? 

What advice do you have for someone just starting out? 

6 replies

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So where did you start? 

I started using GCP about 2 or 3 years ago.

I remember that I attended an online event from Google Cloud. The next day I received an email informing me that I could do a Specialization course on Coursera from Google Cloud Learning Team. I logged in to Coursera and there I found so many courses that I wanted to enroll!

That period of time I was playing/learning/working with Data Analysis - Science -ML- DL -AI. So I decided to go for Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

When I finished the first specialization I got another voucher for a free month and that’s how I enrolled in the second specialization course. You can read more here 👉

From those courses, I became a facilitator on Cloud Study Jams (CSJ). They are webinars, getting your hands dirty working on GCP without being afraid of getting charged! Before showing/teaching them to the attendees I have to finish them by myself. I had to read Google’s documentation.

A lot of projects and implementations, almost all the specialization courses on Coursera, one path on PluralSight, and plenty of quests on Qwiklabs brought me to my certification exams, July 2020, and became a Professional Architect.

If you were starting over, what would you change? 

If I could start over, in the past, I would have joined a GDG chapter ( They offer a lot of help with the events they host.

If I could start over now, I would join the C2C community. They are doing a great job. And it’s just the beginning!

What advice do you have for someone just starting out? 

Attend a CSJ. Experienced people are facilitating them. Ask them as many as questions possible. Connect with them on their social media accounts. Continue asking them questions. Finish the Quest you attended on CSJ. Get bonus credits on Qwiklabs. Enroll on Coursera with the link they’ll provide you. Finish the specialization. Start your Google Cloud project with the FREE 3 months or $300 credits.
But most important always continue to learn!


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Greetings from Indonesia.

Hello, everyone. I am Rachmawati Ari Taurisia from Indonesia. 

My experience with Google Cloud: 

I learn GCP the first time at the event Next’19 GDGCloud Bandung Community in 2019, Cloud Study Jam, Cloud Hero event Google Next’20, Cloud Hero event Jakarta Launch New Region 2020. Then I was being a participant for JuaraGCP event season 1-4 (Indonesia 2019-2020) and JuaraGCP crash course (Indonesia 2021), Majulah GCP event Singapore 2021,

I had learned a lot of things in GCP. I get some badge skills in Qwiklab.

You can see my GCP Profile : 

My first Qwiklab Profile

My second Qwiklab Profile

My Accomplishments in Coursera 

It costs to do the course, why would one pay for the certification?


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You can apply for financial aid on Coursera. And if support will be granted - you can learn free of charge ;)

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Embarking on the learning journey with Google Cloud Platform is an exciting endeavor that can bring immense value to individuals at various stages of their careers. For me, the starting point involved gaining a solid understanding of the fundamentals. Google Cloud's official documentation and online courses provided a structured foundation, helping me grasp key concepts.

If I were to start over, I would emphasize the importance of hands-on experience. Engaging in practical exercises and real-world projects accelerates the learning process and reinforces theoretical knowledge. Additionally, tapping into the vibrant Google Cloud community is invaluable. Forums, discussion groups, and networking with fellow learners and professionals offer insights, solutions, and the chance to learn from diverse experiences.

Remember, the journey with Google Cloud Platform is dynamic, and staying curious and adaptable is key. What works for one person might not be the ideal path for another, so tailor your learning approach to your strengths and interests. Happy learning!

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Agree @christineshepherd ! Hands on experience is everything.  So many developers go to long bootcamps and don’t build anything or learn to work through challenges.