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How the new resources get added to the Cloud

We have GCP private cloud Setup in Wells Fargo.  We will be requesting new  Resources  from a Cloud portal /GKE /GCP console  , I wonder how the required resources are made available  Like  compute/networking/storage  etc.  Who will be performing those tasks.  Will there be a monitoring section to check if the required resources are available  or not?   Pl throw some light on this.


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Hello @Rameshrk2017 ,

Please accept my sincere welcome to C2C. Thank you for your question. I'm also happy to hear that you're using Google GCP Private Cloud in Wells Fargo. Please provide a brief introduction of yourself using the C2C template. It will help us to know more about you.


Regarding the resource add from google cloud you should set up your project with appropriate roles that have permission to add google resources.

You need to set up your project with project admin roles and appropriate permission. Also, you should enable the resource Manager API.

You should check the following links so that you will get an idea.


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Thank you @malamin for a detailed reply!

@Rameshrk2017, did @malamin’s reply perhaps help you out? Did it help you find answers to your questions? :)