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How to install a Monitoring Server (eg. Zabix) on Google Cloud

  • 20 March 2023
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Good morning to all

I’m a new comer and I don’t have experience on Google Cloud platforms.

I need support from those how have experience on Monitoring Server.

2 replies

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Hi there, @nkoumouze and welcome to C2C!


First of all, you have started two topics for the same thing. So, I am leaving this topic and I deleted the other one you have opened.

Would you like to become a little bit more specific? You want to install Zabbix on Google Cloud?

Have you checked out the Zabbix website and any documentation? 


You said you need support from those who have experience on Server Monitoring. You have to tell us first what it is exactly that you need, and what is it that you want to do. The more specific you become, the easier it will be for us and our community members to help you out, if we can. 


Last but not least, don’t forget to present yourself in the C2C Lounge using this template. It would be great for our members to get to know you a bit better :)


Hello Dmitris.
Thank you for your answer.
In fact, it's the second concern that is most important to me.
I would like to have the support of someone who has some experience in setting up a monitoring tool on the Google cloud.

I greatly appreciate your help. THANKS.